About us

We're passionate about helping sleepy founders, nodding corporates and leery eyed leaders to achieve their goals through better sleep and energy management.

Meet Ashen Vithana

Ashen Vithana is the founder/co-host of the Snooze Strategist and a seasoned expert in sleep medicine with over 10 years of experience at Western Health and Ramsay Healthcare. Leading clinical teams, conducting research, and advising sleep startups, his innovation-driven approach extends to identifying emerging technologies, fostering growth, and enhancing efficiency in various organisations.

Ashen's unique blend of medical acumen and entrepreneurial mindset positions him as a transformative figure in the fields of sleep diagnostics and productivity. Ashen currently heads up the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood's Innovation Development Centre.

Meet Alex Young

Alex Young is the founder and co-host of the Snooze Strategist Channel and has over two decades of experience as a Strategy & Innovation Leader in Digital Products, Healthcare and Telecommunications. He has spent half his life in Digital Start-ups and half his life in Corporates - and through the stresses of both experienced the impacts of sleeplessness.

He has a passion for using strategy, product and innovation methodologies for organisations to help them identify paths to achieve their strategic goals. He currently leads the Innovation Strategy & Management at the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.